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Dinosaur EDC holding you back?


There is a big problem with current clinical research platforms and EDC. These 15-year old platforms weren't built for today’s complex oncology and immunotherapy trials, they were never built to acquire EHR data natively and they were never built to export to SDTM natively; let alone without a line of custom code!

Sponsors and CROs have internalized those deficiencies and inefficiencies.  They actually believe that it takes weeks to develop a glorified data collection instrument tailored to a specific trial.  That is not the case!  Existing tools can work but it’s taking too much money and consuming far too much time.

It’s time to make a change. Ditch that dinosaur and start hitting timelines and delivering your data the right way.  If you can’t ditch…at least hitch your EDC to P1. 

P1 can drive your EDC schedule of visits via API calls, as well as collect EHR data to integrate on the back end.  At least, this will help transition out of your current systems.



A whole world of awesome.


EHR Acquisition

One, single solution from site user directly to submission-ready data.


P1’s proprietary eProtocol is the single point of truth to get your trials right.

Full Platform

One, single solution from site user directly to submission-ready data.


Track Record

Selected by the Beat AML Program 

Protocol First was selected to support one of today’s most complex oncology programs: The Beat AML program. Everyday, world-class sponsors, CROs and clinical sites leverage Protocol First for better data, faster with reduced site burden and remote monitoring.

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Time is of the Essence.

P1 offers time-to-market benefits that are orders of magnitude better than current EDC platforms. Deploying studies via P1’s eProtocol happens in days, even the industry’s most complex ones.  In fact, we offer a 72-hour guarantee for any request, no matter the size or complexity of the protocol you are implementing. We have delivered the most complex oncology protocols within hours, when existing “market-leading” tools require weeks of design, build and validation with ever sliding timelines. Your patients deserve the gift of time that P1 offers!

The FDA Cometh

The FDA demands that you deliver your data in SDTM, and FDA reviewers “suggest” that you review your data in SDTM during the course of the trial. FDA and ICH require close control of source data, and encourage eSource and EHR data acquisition. Only the innovation of P1 will future proof your data and operations to what the regulators demand.

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